Burst Nibbler Parameter Disk

Burst-Nib-ParaI just got the Burst Nibbler Parameter Disk. The boot menu calls it ‘The Burst Nibbler Enhancement Disk v1.0″. The has a selection for many V-Max games and something called Enhanced Copier v1.0, This option is used to copy disk protected by Rapidlock versions one to six.

The Bummer is that option #7 doesn’t work and there is not other parameters on the disk. (Other than the 18 V-Max ones)

the Burst Nibbler Collection: Contains version 1.6,1.7 and 1.8 (does not run in emulator)

DOWNLOAD HEREburst_nibbler_collection


Steverd’s Parameter list

This is my personal Commodore Master Parameter reference. This picks up where the Original Parameter Cross Reference Vol#8 left off. I have over 1400 titles on this list about 25% that is not on the original list. I also only list THREE programs per title. I made this list for my own personal use and did not need to list every single parameter program, I decided three choices was enough.

Here it is now in a PDF Version: masterlist 6-2015

Super Parameters

Super Parameters (1987)Utilities Unlimited has many parameters. I have the Super Parameters disk #2, #3, #4 and #5. Each had 100 parameters on it. Then there was also the Super Parameters 500 Pack. This has 500 different parameters not found on the 100 packs. SO does that mean that Utilities Unlimited released 1000 parameters?????

Hey I am missing Super Parameter Disk #1, anyone have that???
The Silver Series Vol 1 printout was included in my Vol 4 disk!











Parameters R’ Us

These were parameter packs that had about 100 titles per pack. Again a Parameter would remove Or Eliminate all the protection from a back up copy. These are very easy to use. You could make a fast copy and then run these patches on the copy and then you should have a working back-up.

Parameters r us (1987)Parameters-1Parameters-2Parameters-4