ZoomFloppy Set Up Windows

The ZoomFloppy is a great tool to copy floppy disk directly from a PC to a 1541 floppy drive. I use it all of the time. But installing the software or a Windows 10 or 11 computer can be super frustrating. I even forgot some of these steps after migrating to a new PC.
No mater what I tried I kept getting a error: NO PLUGIN DRIVER
This video below and a program called Zadig was the solution.

Breakers – Password

BREAKERS by Broderbund

Breakers is a science fiction-themed interactive fiction video game published in 1986 by Synapse Software, which was then a division of Broderbund. The game was the last of Broderbund’s “Electronic Novels” series, and was not a commercial success.

During the loading you are asked to flip the disk over to side two. Then is will ask you for a PASSWORD to start the game. It’s one of those annoying manual look up things, you know, what is the 4th word on line 2 on page 5. Well here are the answers.


Click or download the list HERE: breakers-passwords