The Expert Cartridge

The Expert Cartridge by Trilogic

I do now if this was ever released in the USA or not. This was another memory snapshot cartridge.

Freezes – Freezes and saves programs to disk
One File – Programs are saved in one file
Compacts – Programs are compacted to reduce disk space used
Saves More – You can save 3 or more programs per disk
Not Needed – The cartridge is not needed for loading saves
Upgradable – The cartridge used RAM and disk based software for instant low cost upgrading
Monitor – Use the machine code monitor to cheat, gain extra lives, etc
Also for Tape to Disk backups

The cartridge was also reversed engineered and a reproduction was sold on Ebay.

For MORE information: The Expert Cartridge Project


21 Second Backup

The 21 Second Backup used special hardware

Claims: The worlds fastest copier! It takes only 21 seconds to duplicate an original diskette, one keystroke provides the user with a complete backup. It works every time!

Also 21 Second backup will not work with the Burst Nibbler Cable. The program looks for this cable and will not work if the Burst Nibbler cable is found. This is because the cables are different.
This disk is VERY RARE and sells for over $100 when it pops up on Ebay.

Here is a link to a short Interview with the programmer of 21 Second back up

Here is the software and build notes of this kit: 21 second backup Plus


CodeBuster (1985)

This is my copy of CODEBUSTER which was released in 1985. This was released a few months after ISEPIC, which was the 1st Snapshot type of cartridge. CodeBuster was the 2nd.

ISEPIC was a RAM based copier
Codebuster was a ROM Based snap shot
Then Super Snapshot was a ROM & RAM copier

This cartridge is SUPER RARE, the first 100 cartridges released was called Codebuster before having it’s name changed to Snapshot 64.

Here is a video I made of me first trying out and testing the CODEBUSTER

I scanned in the manual and you can download it here for free: CodeBuster Manual

Here are a few more photos:

ECHO – 1987

The ECHO was developed by Jim Drew.
The Echo and it’s software was released before the Shadow (Megasoft)
The Echo software also because the Supercard version

From Jim Drew, “ECHO was sold for about 6 months or so (through my company called “UnderWare”) before it was renamed as Supercard and sold through Utilities Unlimited, a spin-off company that Reggie created due to the Shadow disaster which destroyed Megasoft. UnderWare had ads in Compute!, RUN, and several other magazines. I sold ECHO, X-RAY (a density display), and a few other products. ”


Phantom by Trilogic

Phantom by Trilogic info sent to me by Draven
This 1541 board worked with the Doppelganger software – Link is HERE 

From the ad below: This is a fastloader, Fast formatter, 60 additional commands, Write Protect ignored – no need to notch disk, plus tons more. Check out the ad and then photos of this board: