Release Order of Snapshots

The release order of Commodore snap shot cartridges

1. Isepic was the first
2. Codebuster (This is the same cartridge as SnapShot 64 and Clonebusters)
3. Final Cartridge
4. Super Snapshot
5. Freeze Cart (Europe)
6. Action Replay

Codebusters was renamed for a very short time to Clonebusters for Micro W.
Then for marketing reasons then name was changed to SnapShot 64.

List help from Craig Ernster

Clone Buster Cartridge

In 1986 this ad appeared by Micro-W. I almost missed this at the bottom of the ad: The NEW CLONE BUSTER cartridge for the 64. It goes on to say that it is the best memory capture device available. Snapshot your software and save it out to standard Commodore DOS. This will back-up most 64 software and remove the annoying error tracks and difficult to load protection.





“Ron Smith: …Codebuster/SNAPSHOT 64 was rom based while all of the Super Snapshot series was rom and ram. The product was also sold for a very short time under the name of Clonebuster (or something like that … it was a US company and we parted ways quite quickly)….” 
Here are PDF instructions: Clonebuster_Instructions

Photo’s by Jim Drew



Super Snapshot V4

Super Snapshot v4 cart

I still own my original Super Snapshot V4, I probably bought in in 1988 or 89. But besides being an awesome snapshot cartridge it came with a few disk.

1. The Snapshot V4 disk
2. Snapshot Parameters disk
3. Snapshot Slide show disk

Lets look at them one at a time.


First disk below is the v4.0 disk it contains a list of games and tells you how to copy them. If a ‘Custom Copier’ is needed then you need Disk #2 the parameter disk. Both disk #1 & #2 also contain programs called Turbo 25 converter and Turbo 25 Utilities.



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Super Tracker

Super Tracker by Utilities Unlimited. This ad was from a 1989 magazine and I had completely forgotten about this device until someone (Craig E.) sent me some photos of the one he has in his collection. The Super Tracker could display the current track while loading. Also had an 8/9 device switch, Write Protect over ride, reset buttons and density levels!! How cool is this. This was not plug and play. The ad mentions some minor soldering and Craig said that he also modified it further to use a rs232 connector.

ALSO if you look closely at the internal photos you will notice a Supercard installed.

OK check out this photos: