Datel Toolkit IV

Datel Toolkit IV – The Ultimate Disk Toolkit (the ad claims) – cost just $14.99

1. Disk Doctor V2 – Read & Write any track & sector, Repair damaged sectors, look underneath read errors

2. Header/Gap editor – Decodes & Displays ALL header information, including off bytes and gaps.

3. Disk Look – Sort a directory, Recover lost files, Display file start & end addresses. Disassemble any file directly from disk, Edit the BAM, and more

4. File Compactor – Can compact machine programs by up to 50%

5. Fast Disk Copy – Copies an entire disk in 2 minutes or less

6. Fast File Copy – Copies files up to 6 times faster

7. Formatter – Formats a disk in 10 seconds, Or format any track or half track

8. Error Edit – Quickly find and recreate all read errors – more

Download the D64 here: Toolkit 4 (TOOLS) (DS)