I buy and sell tons of Commodore items. I have been archiving all of my C64 disk with a  kryoflux card for the Software Preservation Society. Afterwards many end up for sale.

This is the link to my eBay store where I list any Commodore 64 items I have for sale:
My Ebay Store


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  1. Hello,
    I have a Kryoflux and have just started archiving my collection of Commodore and Atari programs. I was wondering how you go about verifying a “good” back up to stream? I have attempted to write the streams back to disk, and this works for many programs, but it seems that many copy protected ones fail a disk to disk (original to copy) comparison. I would hate to go through all this only to find out my archived streams are somehow corrupt or insufficient to preserve the original. Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated. thanks,

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