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3 thoughts on “Support & Donate

  1. In using the Maverick Nibbler and Ramboard (1541/71 ram expansion)
    as far as the Nibble and Ramboard/speed settings is there any kind of guide to
    suggestions on what nibbler settings/speeds to use, or is this mainly done by trial and error/experimentation? Did Software Support International ever make a
    V-Max Ramboard, or is there any PCB designs to make this? I seem to remember reading that V-Max needed some different type of PCB for Memory expansion for the 1541/1571 etc to properly backup V-Max protection. With the regular Ramboard though I was really impressed with it and the Ramboard Nibbler, and the speed settings are very accurate, dont forget to revert the drive speed back to 300 rpm, oops.
    BTW just strictly for my own Game Disk backups only, of course.
    One other item is I know of a place in California in the United States that may still sell 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 ” floppy disks, its called Athana. I will go and see if they are still in business, last I knew they were but that was some years ago.

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