Back to the Future 2

Back to the Future 2 has one of those horrible RED code sheets.
But with the help of Photoshop we can now read it.
Put the image in Photoshop – adjust the levels a little, Then convert to Black and White,
then adjust the RED filters.

After that I adjust the white balance and sharpen a little.
Then you get the White image below.

Ultra Copy II & Manual

UltraCopy II was the sequel to the original Ultracopy 64.

There are two copy modes: NORMAL SCAN and then DEEP SCAN
NORMAL SCAN: Could copy a protected disk in 8 minutes with 4 swaps. This could copy extra sectors, misnumbered tracks and  sectors, format errors, data errors and some half tracks.
DEEP SCAN: You used this if Normal scan didn’t work. This one took 12 minutes with 5 disk swaps. It added the ability to copy hidden data in track gaps, true half tracks, data above track 35.

Cassette Copier

Cassette Copier

The TB-1 Data Cassette Copier, This will interface two data cassettes or Datasette to make back up copiers of your costly programs.

1. Can duplicate COPY PROTECTED programs (Did you know cassettes had copy protection?)
2. Copies Copies Machine Language programs without Vicmon
3. Copies several programs on one tape
4. You can hear and see the transferred data
5. You can Load and Save at the same time
6. 100% Hardware