Super Snapshot V4

Super Snapshot v4 cart

I still own my original Super Snapshot V4, I probably bought in in 1988 or 89. But besides being an awesome snapshot cartridge it came with a few disk.

1. The Snapshot V4 disk
2. Snapshot Parameters disk
3. Snapshot Slide show disk

Lets look at them one at a time.


First disk below is the v4.0 disk it contains a list of games and tells you how to copy them. If a ‘Custom Copier’ is needed then you need Disk #2 the parameter disk. Both disk #1 & #2 also contain programs called Turbo 25 converter and Turbo 25 Utilities.









Here is more info on Disk #2. After comparing the list of parameters to my masterlist, they are pretty much all from Kracker Jax vols 5 – 7 (a few on Maverick). I didn’t find anything new.






The last disk was the Slideshow disk, I’ve never used it and never had a need for it, BUT here it is. So that’s it ALL Three disk for Snapshot V4. I think that if you do not have these disk you are really not missing out much, except for the Turbo 25 programs, you might be able to find them elsewhere. As for the parameters, nothing new here!










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