Rocket Ranger Codewheel








I couldn’t find a scan of the actual USA release of the Rocket Ranger Codewheel or as Cinemaware called it the Secret Decoder Wheel. SO I sacrificed my personal one to make one to share. There is a UK version, BUT the numbers are much different than the USA release.

There are also a print out that is a couple of pages long from Project 64: Rocket Ranger


Then there is also this Commodore 64 program that had the codes, BUT wouldn’t you need TWO commodore 64s running to us this one? One for the codes & one for the game:Rocket-Rang





BUT how about the original USA codewheel?   Rocket-USA-e

It was actually pretty hard to copy back in the day, here look at the codes/numbers is this scan. You do NOT want the red numbers you needed the Cyan numbers UNDER the red number. The red film on the top part of the code wheel would make the red numbers vanish, which is easier to do in Photoshop. Below are my scan you can print out and use for the US release. The codes wheels, top and bottom both measure 6-1/2 inches in diameter.

Here are my scan in a ZIP file: RocketRanger-USA

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