Clone Newsletter #6

Here is the SIXTH issue of the Clone Newsletter. These have never been archived online before, so I am happy to be able to share them with you.
This issue was on RED paper and very hard to read, so I adjusted it so hopefully people can read it now. There is 12 pages in this issue.

Page One: Music from Micro-W, Mister Lister and the Font Factory
Page Two: Bugs/Fixes – Problems with Error #21
Page Three to Six: How to design an auto-start program boot
Page Seven to Nine: The Disk Examiner (program code)
Page Ten: Solutions: Trivia Fever, Beach-Head, Ghostbusters, Neutral Zone, Night Mission Pinball
Page Eleven: Letters to the Editor, Dongles, Musicalc
Page Twelve: Micro-W ads

PDF of Issue #6: Clone Newsletter-06b

Clone Newsletter-06b-1

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