Clone Newsletter #5

Here is the Fifth issue of the Clone Newsletter. These have never been archived online before, so I am happy to be able to share them with you. This is not much of an issue, but was still labelled as #5. It’s seven pages with two of them blank.

The first few pages talk about the new TOUGH NUTS Utility program.
Used to copy those programs that used track 36, or had extra sectors on a track.
This program can only work on one track at a time.
Option #1 Non-Standard Sectors – you can squeeze in extra sectors in a track and change the density.
Option #2 Singular Sync – Finds the sync mark and then copies the next 256 bytes, also used to create error #29 anywhere on the disk. Plus can create Off-Bytes.

ALSO in this issue is how to Backup Raid Over Moscow, Dallas and Zaxxon
Finally how to copy Slamball, Sentinel and Wizard.

PDF of Issue #5: Clone Newsletter-05b

Tough Nuts Screen shot



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