Clone Newsletter #4

Here is the fourth issue of the Clone Newsletter. Does anyone have a working copy of the version The Clone Machine with the Tough Nut Utility?
These have never been archived online before, so I am happy to be able to share them with you.

Page One: What’s happening to out Clone Machine?
Page Two: New Additions: Tough-Nuts Utitily (TNU) & Four Minute Back up (FMB)
Page Three: Tough Nuts Utility
Page Four: More Dongle Solutions
Page Five: Build a Dongle
Page Six: Neutral Zone dongle crack,
Page Seven: 1541 Workshop – the Job Que
Page Eight: 1541 Workshop continued
Page Nine: Solutions for Raid over Moscow
Page Ten: Letters of the Editor – Dallas Quest, Juno, Zaxxon
Page Eleven: Slamball, Sentinel, Wizard
Page Twelve: Micro-W ads

PDF of Issue #4 Clone Newsletter-04b

Clone Newsletter-04b-1

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