Clone Newsletter #3

Here is the third issue of the Clone Newsletter. These have never been archived online before, so I am happy to be able to share them with you.

Page One: Superclone Finally Released, Unguard Unguarded!
Page Two: Unprotect Unguard
Page Three: Fort Apocalypse, Mirage: Database Manager
Page Four: 1541 Workshop
Page Five: Summer Games, Flight Simulator II
Page Six: Commodore LOGO
Page Seven: Letters to the Editor, Lode Runner, Shamus, Necromancer
Page Eight: Sam, Pharaoh’s Curse, Choplifter, Zepplin, Solo Flight,  Flight Sim II
Page Nine: WordPro, Spellright, PractiCalc
Page Ten: Printer Bug, SAM, Choplifter, Cardco Printer Utilities, Ultima & MORE..
Page Eleven: In Search of Most Amazing Thing, Mask of the Sun
Page Twelve: Screen Dumper 64 ad

PDF of Issue #3 Clone Newsletter-03b

Clone Newsletter-03b-1

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