KJ: MSD Dual Cannon

Kracker Jax MSD DUAL CANNON 1987

Utilities for the MSD Dual Drive.

A NIBBLER – Copies bit by bit for working backups of most protected software!
FAST COPIER – Won’t transfer errors – perfect for data or Kracker Jax parameters!
FILE COPIER – This utility makes file maintenance and manipulation tasks easy!
SECTOR EDITOR – Created specifically for use with the MSD Dual Drives!
KRACKER JAX – You also get 32 of the hottest, most popular parameters!

Here is the Manual: KJ MSD Manual 


Back to the Future 2

Back to the Future 2 has one of those horrible RED code sheets.
But with the help of Photoshop we can now read it.
Put the image in Photoshop – adjust the levels a little, Then convert to Black and White,
then adjust the RED filters.

After that I adjust the white balance and sharpen a little.
Then you get the White image below.

Ultra Copy II & Manual

UltraCopy II was the sequel to the original Ultracopy 64.

There are two copy modes: NORMAL SCAN and then DEEP SCAN
NORMAL SCAN: Could copy a protected disk in 8 minutes with 4 swaps. This could copy extra sectors, misnumbered tracks and  sectors, format errors, data errors and some half tracks.
DEEP SCAN: You used this if Normal scan didn’t work. This one took 12 minutes with 5 disk swaps. It added the ability to copy hidden data in track gaps, true half tracks, data above track 35.


I could NOT get the DEEP=SCAN to load – please let me know if you do.