Simple Commodore 64 Disk Protection

Simple Commodore 64 Disk Protection: Copy that Floppy, Remove Anti-Piracy Measures

This video was made by “8-Bit Show and Tell” on YouTube and I really like.
It shows some simple copy protection in BASIC that check tracks 2 and 3 for errors.

Check it out.


C-128 Canon

The C-128 Canon in the Kracker Jax series.
The package the C-128 owners have been waiting for. The C-128 CANON gives you more power than you ever hoped for.

NIBBLER – works with teh 1541/1571
FAST COPIER – Copy Data Disk
1581 FAST COPIER – Foe use with the new high speed 3.5 drive
MFM COPIER – Copies unprotected IBM and CP/M Disk
T/S Editor – Work with the 1541/1571/1581
ERROR SCANNER – Complete on screen display
DENSITY SCANNER – Checks for Altered density by track
DIRECTORY EDITOR – Alter and Organize disk directories
PARAMETERS – over 100 popular parameters

Ads from 1987 – 1988

KJ: MSD Dual Cannon

Kracker Jax MSD DUAL CANNON 1987

Utilities for the MSD Dual Drive.

A NIBBLER – Copies bit by bit for working backups of most protected software!
FAST COPIER – Won’t transfer errors – perfect for data or Kracker Jax parameters!
FILE COPIER – This utility makes file maintenance and manipulation tasks easy!
SECTOR EDITOR – Created specifically for use with the MSD Dual Drives!
KRACKER JAX – You also get 32 of the hottest, most popular parameters!

Here is the Manual: KJ MSD Manual