Word from Garry Kitchen

Garry Kitchen and GameMaker

I found this signed GameMaker manual in a recent purchase.

It sure looked like it said Garry to me.
So I found his contact info, which wasn’t very hard with a Goggle Search. To my surprise I heard back in less than one day.

He told me that it is definitely something he signed. Although not 30 years ago, as I had imagined.

Quote: I often appear at retro gaming shows and participate in panel discussions, etc. The talks are often followed by a “meet & greet/autograph session.” People sometimes bring items from their collection for me to sign. I’ve seen my share of GameMaker manuals.

I also asked him about GameMaker and if he had any secrets about it:

He said: “GameMaker, it took a year+ to make. It’s definitely the product in my portfolio that I’m most proud of. I wish that I had continued to work on it/update it. It’s a shame that it stopped after the original version, it could have gone a lot further.

 By the way, Pitfall took 2 weeks to write in GameMaker. And the commercially-released C-64 arcade port Crossbow was written entirely in GameMaker!”

He finished by saying: If I ever get back to working on GameMaker I’ll let you know.

WOW, just how cool is that.. Thank you Garry!


1541 Diagnostic Cart

1541 Diagnostic Cart v1.0

1541diagv10This is a group of 1541 disk drive utilities put together into a cartridge format on WORLDOFJANI

The BEST part is that it is FREE, you do NOT have to buy this from Ebay, just download the ZIP file from the above link. THEN upload the .CRT file to your EasyFlash3 cartridge.


I love the Fast FORMAT utility on this and use it often. Also the Speed Check is nice.


21 Second Back up – Spiral track protection

A new format of C64 copy protection found 25+ yrs after it’s release?

Most of use know that Bounty Bob was likely to be the hardest C64 game out to copy. But have you tried to copy 21 Second back up? Well it pretty much impossible to copy also. It wasn’t until just recently that Jim Drew (interviewed here) maker of the SuperCard got his hands on an original copy of it. Here is Jim’s Quote from his post on LEMON64,

“Because this disk uses true spiral track protection.
Tracks 10, 10.5, and 11 contain valid data that was written WHILE the head was stepping.
So, the data (which is 10 x 512 bytes long) is written on an ‘arc’ as the disk spins
and the head steps between tracks 11.0->10.5->10.0->10.5->11.0″

Goto the Lemon64 link above to learn more!!


Nibtools updated

There has been an update to Nibtools. In case you haven’t heard of Nibtools it is used to image a Commodore disk to your PC and to write a disk image (D64, G64) back out to a real Commodore disk. I use it with CBMXfer program. Nibtools has options to read/write out to track 40, half track, fix short tracks, reduce gaps, and more.

This update includes a number of fixes.
Can deal with Half-Tracks better
Now creates Standard G64 files
Patch the drive code foe use the a Zoomfloopy
The update is build 587 and can be found on the C64 Preservation Page