the Original Parameter Cross Reference

So this is a nice program and the PDF print out can be easily found online. But this is not a copy program, but will tell you what copies what. You type in the software’s name and it tells you what will copy it. The PDF online is for volume #8 and is 155 pages long!
If we didn’t have the PDF available then this program would be more useful. Also I prefer this program over the similar program called: What Copy’s What

Teja_Soft_Ad-1_Page_7In this ad by Tejas Soft for the Original Parameter Cross-reference there is now over 9,000 listings.







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KeyMaster Parameters

Here is KEYMASTER created by Jim Drew. I finally got three disk in my collection now that includes the KeyMaster v1.1 and then two update disk. One update disk is labeled BLUE dot and the other is GREEN Dot. Here are some screen shots.








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The Mirror Parameter List

Here is the list of the parameters found on The Mirror v3.3
There are 355 parameters listed.
Be sure to check out these cool screenshots.
The disk directory and the Rocket Loader!

The Mirror 3.3 Parameters
List and Photos by Craig A. Ernster

Eradicator Parameter List

screen2Here are the parameter list for the program Eradicator.

There was a Volume 1 and a Volume 2.
Then three “MINI-PAKs” with 20 parameters each.