Super Parameters

Super Parameters (1987)Utilities Unlimited has many parameters. I have the Super Parameters disk #2, #3, #4 and #5. Each had 100 parameters on it. Then there was also the Super Parameters 500 Pack. This has 500 different parameters not found on the 100 packs. SO does that mean that Utilities Unlimited released 1000 parameters?????

Hey I am missing Super Parameter Disk #1, anyone have that???
The Silver Series Vol 1 printout was included in my Vol 4 disk!

I have NEVER seen these packs.
Did they exist, let me know.













3 thoughts on “Super Parameters

  1. In reference to the Silver Series Paramaeter on Super Parameters Volume 4. It is a special parameter written just for Micropose’s Stealth Mission which strips all protection when creating the copy. This was the approach Utilities Unlimted tried and then went on to develop the Supercard.

  2. Yep, this was an exercise in “how much time can you spend stripping protection”. This was waste of my time, which is why I went back to the route of duplicating disks exactly.

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