Canada A/M

Canada AM 05 August 1985CANADA A/M (Archival Maker) the ad shows 1984. I can find a Tape version and a disk version. The ads states that this software is ‘Easy on the User’ and ‘Easy on your drive”! Rated 4 stars by Info 64 and now duplicates errors 27 andCanada AM Reviews 29.






Photos Credits to: Craig A. Ernster

ONE MORE THING, this is copied from Info-64 Spring 1984 issue:

Canada AM 05-info64It says that this WILL NOT COPY ITSELF!!

OK, don’t you hate that! Back in the day, I always thought that this copy program must really SUCK if it can’t even copy itself! I used that as a standard back then if I would buy it or not. Thoughts?

DiskMaker ToolKit

The Diskmaker Toolkit was out in 1985 from the Basix which also released DiskMaker and Diskmaker Plus. Some features are to copy unprotected disk in just one minute. Removes errors while copying to recover lost data. Super Fast 8-Second Format. Quick disk scan for errors and half-tracks. Fat-Track construction kit. A true GCR editor. There is also a Drive alignment check which you need the back side of the “original disk” to use it.




Castlevania – Code Sheet

Castlevania-1Castlevania – Code Sheet

This game was released for the Commodore 64 in 1990 by Konami, which was another hugely popular game on the Nintendo NES.

The Commodore 64 disk of Castlevania did not have any copy protection on it, BUT instead you had

Castlevania-3 Castlevania-2look up a password from the Castlevania Password Book. Like many code sheets from this time it was on dark red paper, making it very hard to photocopy. See below.

Thanks to Klotz, I was sent scans of  the original sheet. As usual I converted it to Black and White and put into a PDF.

You can download it here: Castlevania-codes

castlevania codes-th

Blades of Steel – Code Sheet

BOS 1- Title ScreenBlades of Steel was released in 1990 by Konami for the Commodore 64. Most people will remember this great game from their old Nintendo NES days. This was also a fun game for the Commodore 64.

The disk do not have any copy protection on it, but instead the game used a “Code Sheet”.

BOS 2 - Game ScreenYou needed to enter a four digita password code before being able to play the game.

Again Thanks to: Craig A. Ernster we now have that code sheet online.

Here it is in PDF:
Blades of Steel Password Book

BOS-passwrdBOS - Code screen

Elvira II – Code Wheel

elvira ii box artelvira_cw1bElvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus was released by Flair software in 1992. This game is a must play game if you have a C64. It’s FUN to play and has some amazing graphics for the Commodore 64. The USA version came on 4 disks. This game does use a CODE WHEEL and thanks to Craig A. Ernster, we now have it documented online for others. Here is a PDF of the three parts: elvira codewheel. Again you just need to Print out and Cut out! Check out some screen shots from this game.

StarFlight Code Wheel


STARFLIGHT was a role-playing game released in 1989 by Electronic Arts.

It’s copy protect was a Code Wheel.

I’ve seen the two different code wheel colors.
One is Purple with white text and the other is Black with white text. I converted the purple one to black and white and posted online below.

This will be easier to print out and save you some ink!


Star Flight Code Wheel B&WBut here is the Purple one in a PDF file just incase you want that also! Starflight Codewheel

RIGHT-CLICK and save.
Print out and Cut out!

Codewheel Credits to: Craig A. Ernster