Steverd’s Parameter list

This is my personal Commodore parameter reference. This picks up where the Original Parameter Cross Reference Vol#8 left off. I have over 1400 titles on this list about 25% that is not on the original list. I also only list THREE programs per title. I made this list for my own personal use and did not need to list every single parameter program, I decided three choices was enough.

Here it it: masterlist

Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies was a five disk set sold by Utilities Unlimited. This is a set of 500 parameters for removing copy protection check, or by passing protection, etc to make your backups work. This group of parameters is ‘super rare’ and took me over a year to find. These parameters are listed in the Original Parameter Cross Reference as Golden Oldies 500 pak. Each disk loads the parameter list, once you select the parameter, the program tells you which disk to put into your drive.


Copy Corner #2

Here is the second article from Info’s COPY CORNER it is from Issue #12
Focus was on ‘Memory Snapshotters”. Talks about Isepic from Starpoint, Snapshot from Marshview Software, Capture from Jason Ranheim, and the Power Cartridge by KCS.


Copy Corner #1

Copy Corner was a great article written in INFO magazine. If first appears in issue #10 which dates May 1985. There was only a few installment of this series, but they are all very interesting. The article talks about copy protection and then usually reviews one or two copy programs. It starts by saying: Copy protection just keeps getting worse. Some of the latest titles include recordings out to track 40, that is five tracks beyond what the 1541 was designed for. Here is the two page article.


GCR Nibbler V3-1750

GCR Nibbler V3-1750 is a copier from the Super-Card Plus disk that also makes use of your REU (added memory). It will copy a disk in just one swap! You have to LOVE that!!! Although you do need a Super-Card+ installed in your hard-drive!