Disc Disector

disc-disect-uk-85Disc Disector v3.0
This ad was from a UK magazine in 1985

I have seen versions: V3, V4 and V5
Copies all DOS errors automatically, plus non standard errors like Half tracks, extra tracks, non standard sync, renumbered tracks, etc. Copies a disk in only 8 minutes,

The disk also had many utilities like a fast format, menu maker, scratch and unscratch, fast copy, rename, fastload, disk to tape, diskmon and much more. Here check out V5 menu screen here:




Released in 1984
Was a 4-minute Copy Program.
Claims it will not lock-up or crash on errors
Locate and ID errors
Error Maker, Sector Test, Sector Copy
Disk Name and ID changer

I do not have a copy of this program and can not find one right now to post a screen shot.
If anyone has one, can you send it my way.

Disk Utilities CRT

This is a CRT file I made for my Easy Flash 3 cartridge.
This crt contains over 25 Commodore 64 utilities which are mostly disk related programs

Below is the file menu and you can DOWNLOAD the File HERE

Then use the ‘P’ EasyProg built in function in your Easy Flash 3 to install this to your cartridge.

P1220166 P1220167

Installing a JiffyDOS

Installing a JiffyDOS
I made two videos when I installed my JiffyDOS into my Commodore 64 and the 1541 disk drive. Below are those videos

How to Install a JiffyDOS into a Commodore 64

Installing a JiffyDOS in a Commodore 1541 Disk Drive



Easy Flash 3

Easy Flash 3

easyflash3This is a 100% MUST HAVE cartridge for any Commodore 64 user.

First of all you can have EIGHT custom Kernals. I used this for my JiffyDOS, until I bought the actual chips and install them into my C64, that alone is pretty amazing.

THEN you can add Action Replay and Super Snapshot to this. There are three buttons on the end of this cartridge for MENU, Special and RESET. Special is used for the Snapshots.


P1220163This is the BOOT MENU.
The third section is for cartridge images (CRT) that you can add to the Easy Flash 3. You have seven slots, BUT that does not mean that you can only have even programs. You can combine dozens and dozens of programs into ONE CRT file.
I use NDEFGUI to do this.


1541 Diagnostic Cart

1541 Diagnostic Cart v1.0

1541diagv10This is a group of 1541 disk drive utilities put together into a cartridge format on WORLDOFJANI

The BEST part is that it is FREE, you do NOT have to buy this from Ebay, just download the ZIP file from the above link. THEN upload the .CRT file to your EasyFlash3 cartridge.


I love the Fast FORMAT utility on this and use it often. Also the Speed Check is nice.