Supercard PLUS (1988)

Supercard Plus also called Super-Card + on some ads.
The hardware now fits ALL Commodore and compatible drives. The software is also updated. Supercard Plus makes an EXACT copy of the original disk. Including any copy protection. No “Parameters” are ever required.

scp 1a 300x246 Supercard PLUS (1988) scp 2a 300x247 Supercard PLUS (1988)


Super Card Plus 1989 258x300 Supercard PLUS (1988) Super Card Plus 1990 238x300 Supercard PLUS (1988)


Supercard by Jim Drew and sold through Utilities Unlimited.
This would copy disk that couldn’t be copied before, or that need a parameter/crack installed on., This was hardware and software combination.

Supercard5 300x220 Supercard

The hardware was a small card that you installed into your 1541 drive like this early version I bought it as soon as I read about it in 1987 or 88:

supercard 1 300x225 Supercard






Supercard 1988 300x182 Supercard



SuperCard ad21988 300x236 Supercard

Supercard 1989 244x300 Supercard

Track Master

Track Master would display the 1541 drive head track and half track positions. This would help you to identify essential tracks, bad tracks and load sequences. You electronically bypass write protection tabs. BUT I can not find any more information about Track Master. How does it work, how does it install? etc..

Track Master 1985 216x300 Track Master

Top Secret Stuff

Top Secret Stuff was a set of tool for your Commodore 64.There was two releases Top Secret Stuff ONE and Top Secret Stuff TWO.
I feel the first one had more interesting programs on it like the Disk Doctor, EA Copier, Track repair, 1/2 track reader and formattor.
Was there a Top secret Stuff THREE?

Top Secret Stuff 2 1985 300x177 Top Secret Stuff Top Secret Stuff B1985 300x295 Top Secret Stuff topsecret 300x212 Top Secret Stuff topsecret2 300x212 Top Secret Stuff Top Secret Stuff 1985 295x300 Top Secret Stuff Top Secret Stuff 1 and 2 1985 300x289 Top Secret Stuff