Super Tracker

Super Tracker by Utilities Unlimited. This ad was from a 1989 magazine and I had completely forgotten about this device until someone (Craig E.) sent me some photos of the one he has in his collection. The Super Tracker could display the current track while loading. Also had an 8/9 device switch, Write Protect over ride, reset buttons and density levels!! How cool is this. This was not plug and play. The ad mentions some minor soldering and Craig said that he also modified it further to use a rs232 connector.

ALSO if you look closely at the internal photos you will notice a Supercard installed.

OK check out this photos:












Kracker Jax GEOS Busters

Kracker Jax GEOS BUSTERS v3.0


This program can make back ups of GEOS v1.0, GEOS v1.2 and GEOS v1.3. Also the GEOS Deskpak, Writers Workshop, Geofile, Geodex, Geocalc, Geopublish, GeoSpell, GEOS 128 and Geowrite 128.



The other important thing with this disk is that is MUST be loaded/ran from inside GEOS. This will not boot otherwise.


Burst Nibbler Parameter Disk

Burst-Nib-ParaI just got the Burst Nibbler Parameter Disk. The boot menu calls it ‘The Burst Nibbler Enhancement Disk v1.0″. The has a selection for many V-Max games and something called Enhanced Copier v1.0, This option is used to copy disk protected by Rapidlock versions one to six.

The Bummer is that option #7 doesn’t work and there is not other parameters on the disk. (Other than the 18 V-Max ones)




Revolution-V is a new V-Max copier made by Lord Crass.
All I can say is that if this was released in 80’s it would’ve of been HUGE!

rev-2This image is from a Beta version that Lord Crass has sent to me.

Also you do not have to lower your drive speed for this to work. Normally to write a V-Max copy you slow the drive down to 297.5 rpm from the normal 300 rpm.

I asked Lord Crass if he could make a version to use added RAM. Before I knew it, he sent me a new version

rev-3Here is a screen shot from the REU version. I tested it with my Super Clone 1750 cartridge (512k RAM). This version was great, it’s FAST and no disk swapping!!




rev-1Here is the Analyses screen to determine the V-max version. This screen shot is of a Three Stooges after the analysis.





REV-introALSO – Thanks for the shout out in the intro (Steverd).

Here is the best part, you can download this from here:


V-Max Copy Protection

V-Max Copy Protection for Commodore 64 disk.

There was four main versions of this copy protection, then some versions with variations.
V-max protection was used my many different publishers including Activision, Cinemaware, Mindscape, Origin, Sega, Taito, Thunder Mountain and a few others.

There are already some great write ups on V-Max including this one from Pete Rittwage HERE:

There was copiers that could make copies of V-Max software in the 1980’s like Burst Nibbler and Supercard. Plus many others that could copy a V-Max protected disk then you applied a parameter (crack) on the copy for it to work, like Disk Invaders, Fast Hackem, Maverick, etc.

There is also a NEW release in the V-Max copy programs called: Revolution V by Lord Crass. This program can be found here:

Even MORE information can be found here from a Post by Lord Crass made on the Lemon64 forums: