Disc-O-Tech by Crazyhorse

Disc-O-Tech by Crazyhorse – 1984








180 Backup ( 3 minute whole disc backup)
Format Copier (backs up protected software)
Error Writer (allows errors from protected s/ware to be written to backup disc)
Fast Formatter (Formats, write Protects or unprotects and repairs tracks)
File Copier (Copies individual files)
Disc Interrogator (Checks drive speed and stops bumping on error location)
(Interrogator is loaded separately)

Info and Photo credits to Craig A. Ernster

Pirate Challenge

Pirate Challenge


This add appeared in a C64 magazine. It’s a hacker’s challenge. For $5.99 you would be sent “The Pirate Disk” that has five questions hidden deep within layers of copy protection. If you can crack your way through them all, you would get a free program.

Does anyone have more info about this? Anyone have this disk or image of it? Also do you know more about the challenge? The protection schemes? What was your reward program? Was this this program also hidden on the disk?

KeyMaster Parameters

Here is KEYMASTER created by Jim Drew. I finally got three disk in my collection now that includes the KeyMaster v1.1 and then two update disk. One update disk is labeled BLUE dot and the other is GREEN Dot. Here are some screen shots.








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The Mirror Parameter List

Here is the list of the parameters found on The Mirror v3.3
There are 355 parameters listed.
Be sure to check out these cool screenshots.
The disk directory and the Rocket Loader!

The Mirror 3.3 Parameters
List and Photos by Craig A. Ernster

Eradicator Parameter List

screen2Here are the parameter list for the program Eradicator.

There was a Volume 1 and a Volume 2.
Then three “MINI-PAKs” with 20 parameters each.