Kartridge Kracker

Kartridge Kracker – 1985. Allowed you to dump 8K and 16K cartridges onto a disk to load later. I have not been able to find the software or hardware for this. NOTE the C64 cartridge port AND a Vic-20 port both on this one card! I also scanned the small manual (including an Erratta Page and an index card with a manual correction) in and you can read it here: Kartridge Kracker Manual

More info from Jim Drew: This is a pseudo-copy of the “blue board” that was developed for CompuTron Buisness Systems by Cardco. I wrote the software for it in 1983.

The larger cartridge port is for a 16K VIC-20 RAM expansion. You would copy the C64 cartridge to disk and load it back to the 16K RAM expansion, and write protect the RAM with a dip switch. This emulates a cartridge perfectly. No need to crack anything, like changes to $01.

Screen shots and Video are below.

Kartridge Kracker (1985)





CBUS – Cartridge Backup System

Cartridge Backup System – 1985

CBUS II allows your to run any cartridge from disk.
Oddly you had to spend $15 more for the software! That seems strange to me.


Cartridge Backup System – 1984

Also known as CBUS
You can store up to 17 cartridges on a single disk.