Super Kit/1541

Super Kit/1541 was sold by Prism Software around 1986. It included many different copiers like a Normal Copier, Nibbler, File Copier, Super Nibbler, Disk Surgeon, Editors. There was also parameters on Side-B (see the list below).
I was told that version #1 was very picky about the drive being use and the speed had to be exact or it wouldn’t make working copies. Version 2 worked much better.

Superkit was a powerful copier for it’s time period.
The program played music during the dual drive coping.

Interesting fact is that the program could make a copy of itself,
BUT could not make a copy of the copy.

The MANUAL Superkit_1541_(Prism_Software) 

UPDATE: Super Kit 1541 V2.0 Errata Sheet

The PARAMETER List: Superkit_1541_V2_Parameter_List

Super Kit 1541.jpg Super Kit 1541 (1986) super kit-b

More Superkit images:

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