4 thoughts on “Super Snapshot

  1. I still have my old v4 cartridge – best accessory I ever owned for the c64! I think I first had the v3 and was able to upgrade for a discount by sending it in with a check? We’re talking 35+ years ago so my memory is hazy.

    So is it possible to emulate “plugging” this cartridge into your virtual c64 with VICE or some such emulator?

    • Yes in VICE goto FILE > Attached Cartridge Image > Freezer Cartridge > load the *.BIN file
      The BIN files are easy to find in a super. You can also load the BIN files in an EasyFlash 3 cartridge and use
      it on a real C64.

  2. I had the v5 cart as a kid, and it was simply amazing! The find pattern and saving screen images was the BEST!

    hex editing memory, or even memory dumps on crazy copy protected games was awesome too.

    I’ve been thinking of getting a C64 and a ssv5 to mess around with again, it really was a fun cart to really peer into games and programs, the ‘extra life’ and various memory scanners could wreck some of the best havoc!

    • The Commodore 64 is STILL FUN in 2020.
      You should definitely get back into it.
      There are so many modern day add-on for it.
      Plus webpage like CSDb has D64 (Disk images) of games with tons of cheats/trainers, check them out.

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