Super Kit/1541

Super Kit/1541 was sold by Prism Software around 1986. It included many different copiers like a Normal Copier, Nibbler, File Copier, Super Nibbler, Disk Surgeon, Editors. There was also parameters on Side-B (see the list below).
I was told that version #1 was very picky about the drive being use and the speed had to be exact or it wouldn’t make working copies. Version 2 worked much better.

Superkit was a powerful copier for it’s time period.
The program played music during the dual drive coping.

Interesting fact is that the program could make a copy of itself,
BUT could not make a copy of the copy.

PROTECTION on the disk: Custom format – extra tracks to 38 and all density 3 except track 18
To Copy try: Shotgun V1 (not V2) with density detect on T1-T38. If that doesn’t work lower your drive speed to 298 and try again.

The MANUAL Superkit_1541_(Prism_Software) 

UPDATE: Super Kit 1541 V2.0 Errata Sheet

The PARAMETER List: Superkit_1541_V2_Parameter_List

Super Kit 1541.jpg Super Kit 1541 (1986) super kit-b

More Superkit images:

4 thoughts on “Super Kit/1541

  1. Ah that brings back memories.. Its too bad the program was never fixed and updates released on time. The copy of a copy could not be copying because the sync length was checked on the original. The copier used static sync lengths for all copies. The updates to come would have had much more but never happened.

    • Shot Gun V1, with density detect on will copy a copy. I have made many copies of this. Never had an original, but made many many copies. if you use any other copier with density detect it will still load but stumble as its loading. So use Shot Gun V1 and density ON. T1-T38


  2. We all want to create backups.. But not many would like giving away stuff others spent a lot of effort on. And it was a compromise in the middle that having the originals you could make as many copies as you wanted and that also for your own use.. Which ended up with people giving it away to many others but it stopped there. Because making copies of copies would be tantamount to piracy.

  3. I remember getting this from “Rotten” (the author). Included was also a schematic for an edge connector and two 9-pin serial cables to solder inside each 1541 to allow parallel mode copies. It was around 1985 or so.

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