Super Cartridge (1988)

The Super Cartridge sounds great, it’s loaded with so much, I do own one of these VERY RARE cartridges.  Here are a few features that stand out:

HesMon (Did HesWare give permission for this? – Answer is YES!)
Fast Loader
Rapid Lok Copier
TimeWorks Copier (but many Timeworks software was unprotected)
Data Soft Copier (used alot of weakbytes and signatures on tracks)
V-Max Copier
The Nibbler had the various copiers – except RapidLok, which had its own.
This was a Jim Drew project and the ad is a Utilities Unlimited ad.
Jim said, “It was a collection of various programs that were flashed on to a bank switched cart.” Plus the HesMon was licensed from Hesware.

So what is 500 blocks of programming?
Each block is 256 bytes. So, 500*256 = ~128K of data

No reset switch – that never made it to the production, although Utitlities Unlimited did provide info on how to add one.




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