the Original Parameter Cross Reference

So this is a nice program and the PDF print out can be easily found online. But this is not a copy program, but will tell you what copies what. You type in the software’s name and it tells you what will copy it. The PDF online is for volume #8 and is 155 pages long!
If we didn’t have the PDF available then this program would be more useful. Also I prefer this program over the similar program called: What Copy’s What

Teja_Soft_Ad-1_Page_7In this ad by Tejas Soft for the Original Parameter Cross-reference there is now over 9,000 listings.







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Disc Disector

disc-disect-uk-85Disc Disector v3.0
This ad was from a UK magazine in 1985

I have seen versions: V3, V4 and V5
Copies all DOS errors automatically, plus non standard errors like Half tracks, extra tracks, non standard sync, renumbered tracks, etc. Copies a disk in only 8 minutes,

The disk also had many utilities like a fast format, menu maker, scratch and unscratch, fast copy, rename, fastload, disk to tape, diskmon and much more. Here check out V5 menu screen here:




Released in 1984
Was a 4-minute Copy Program.
Claims it will not lock-up or crash on errors
Locate and ID errors
Error Maker, Sector Test, Sector Copy
Disk Name and ID changer

I do not have a copy of this program and can not find one right now to post a screen shot.
If anyone has one, can you send it my way.

Disc-O-Tech by Crazyhorse

Disc-O-Tech by Crazyhorse – 1984








180 Backup ( 3 minute whole disc backup)
Format Copier (backs up protected software)
Error Writer (allows errors from protected s/ware to be written to backup disc)
Fast Formatter (Formats, write Protects or unprotects and repairs tracks)
File Copier (Copies individual files)
Disc Interrogator (Checks drive speed and stops bumping on error location)
(Interrogator is loaded separately)

Info and Photo credits to Craig A. Ernster

Canada A/M

Canada AM 05 August 1985CANADA A/M (Archival Maker) the ad shows 1984. I can find a Tape version and a disk version. The ads states that this software is ‘Easy on the User’ and ‘Easy on your drive”! Rated 4 stars by Info 64 and now duplicates errors 27 andCanada AM Reviews 29.






Photos Credits to: Craig A. Ernster

ONE MORE THING, this is copied from Info-64 Spring 1984 issue:

Canada AM 05-info64It says that this WILL NOT COPY ITSELF!!

OK, don’t you hate that! Back in the day, I always thought that this copy program must really SUCK if it can’t even copy itself! I used that as a standard back then if I would buy it or not. Thoughts?

DOWNLOAD:Canada Copy (1984)