Super Breaker PLUS

SuperBreakerPlusCommodore557_fThis is the disk for Super Breaker Plus. I have the ad on the blog here for Super Breaker. The ad was from a Magazine from the UK, so I don’t think this was ever released in the USA.

Does anyone have the magazine ad or D64 image for this?



Screenshot credits to Draven

Super Breaker


This is another ad from a 1985 UK Commodore magazine.

For a program called SUPER-BREAKER, there was also a Super-Breaker PLUS.

I do not have either disk, but check out the ad, it contained Super Diskopy.










Screenshot credits to Draven

the Original Parameter Cross Reference

So this is a nice program and the PDF print out can be easily found online. But this is not a copy program, but will tell you what copies what. You type in the software’s name and it tells you what will copy it. The PDF online is for volume #8 and is 155 pages long!
If we didn’t have the PDF available then this program would be more useful. Also I prefer this program over the similar program called: What Copy’s What

Teja_Soft_Ad-1_Page_7In this ad by Tejas Soft for the Original Parameter Cross-reference there is now over 9,000 listings.







para1 para2krackjax-xref-3krackjax-xref-1

Disc Disector

disc-disect-uk-85Disc Disector v3.0
This ad was from a UK magazine in 1985

I have seen versions: V3, V4 and V5
Copies all DOS errors automatically, plus non standard errors like Half tracks, extra tracks, non standard sync, renumbered tracks, etc. Copies a disk in only 8 minutes,

The disk also had many utilities like a fast format, menu maker, scratch and unscratch, fast copy, rename, fastload, disk to tape, diskmon and much more. Here check out V5 menu screen here: