If you noticed from the screen shot below, Renegade looked like Maverick. This is because Renegade was renamed to Maverick. This was a very good copier in 1988 and could copy the Electronic Arts stuff. Rapidlok, Geos disk and came with 300 parameters to unprotect many disk. I should add that Parameters also would remove those super annoying manual or codewheel look ups. Anytime I had a game that used those, the first thing I always wanted to do was to remove the protection check. Most of the time I could do that with my Isepic or Snapshot cartridge. If not I would find a parameter to do that.

I heard: Renegade was Sued by Taito America for using their game name of Renegade, so the name change to Maverick

The Renegade Manual V1.0 The_Renegade_V1.0

The Renegade Manual V2.0 The_Renegade_V2.0

Renegade - ad2(1988) Renegade (1988) Renegade 2(1988)

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