Protection Revealed Handbook

This ad was from 1985 and sold by Value-Soft in Portland Oregon.

Created by Users for Users. Take command of your software. This handbook claims to unravel the puzzle of software protection. Learn how to protect or un-protect your software. Includes a large section on successful BASIC program security. Covers the latest evolution of copy protection techniques. Also included a disk with 21 utility programs. Any have a PDF of this book or the disk? I think that this refers to the book below. Let me know if you know more about it.



3 thoughts on “Protection Revealed Handbook

  1. It was fun writing the book. Just for the record, a lot of the protection that we talked about in the book was actually being used at the time on programs being sold. And I even came up with some myself. The book was even used by a collage as a text book for a course on how to protect software. And just like Jim drew we had a company call us and say they were going to sue us because we revealed their protection routine in the book. They never sued because we didn’t say which companies used what protection routines

    • Great info, I bought this back in 1985 or 1986.
      The book has great information and a must read for anyone interested
      in C-64 copy protection. Yeah, I don’t know how a company could sue for
      this book, there’s not even any mention of titles are there.
      In Jim Drew’s books, he even mention the game and how to crack it.
      Jim said he was also threaten with law suits, but I don’t think it
      ever happened. THANK YOU for the comments, Do you have other C64 projects
      that I could add to this C64 blog?

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