Canada A/M

Canada AM 05 August 1985CANADA A/M (Archival Maker) the ad shows 1984. I can find a Tape version and a disk version. The ads states that this software is ‘Easy on the User’ and ‘Easy on your drive”! Rated 4 stars by Info 64 and now duplicates errors 27 andCanada AM Reviews 29.






Photos Credits to: Craig A. Ernster

ONE MORE THING, this is copied from Info-64 Spring 1984 issue:

Canada AM 05-info64It says that this WILL NOT COPY ITSELF!!

OK, don’t you hate that! Back in the day, I always thought that this copy program must really SUCK if it can’t even copy itself! I used that as a standard back then if I would buy it or not. Thoughts?

DOWNLOAD:Canada Copy (1984)

2 thoughts on “Canada A/M

  1. I used this program back in the day and it was the best. My copy also let me copy Canada AM itself (cracked, I guess).

    Probably the best way to phrase is self copying restriction is that it won’t copy itself, not “can’t”.

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