Gemini Bit Copier (1984)

Claims a nice 99.9% Effective! 3 Minutes Copy, Copies Bit by Bit.
Programmed in 100% machine language, writes errors, more.
Sounds great, but I never used this program and can not find a copy.

The credits show three people including Jim Drew!
The other two are Steve Bern and Darryl Millard.
My copy of the program freezes at the image below!

Gemini Bit Copier (1985)


3 thoughts on “Gemini Bit Copier (1984)

    • Hmmm, I only have a G64 of V2. I haven’t tried to write the G64 back to disk and then run. Would that work? Or does it has some type of crack tough protection Jim?

  1. If I remember correctly, this program used a high track for its copy protection. How I remember the procedure I used to first copy it was as follows: I sent the R/W head to track 40 on my 1541, then pulled the stepper motor wire and proceeded to do a normal disk format for a bit which seemed to do the trick (drive ended up formatting track 40 over and over). This was before I knew much about the 1541 and not much later on I could have done it in software (I was only 14 or 15 at the time). I am guessing it used a different disk ID on track 40 or possibly just the presence of a formatted track as its protection but I can’t remember exactly.

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