Disk Maker first appears in 1984.
Version 2.2 in 1985 and Version 3.3 in 1985
They had great full page ads and I am sure they sold many copies because of it!
Also claimed to be the Fastest & Most advanced Backup software you could buy.
Had “state of the ARTS” copier – which was code word for it could copy Electronic Arts games. Electronic Arts used FAT TRACKS 34/35 Protection around 1983-1985 before switching to Pirateslayer protection around 1986.
Also interesting was that Ver 1 was a 3 min copier and Ver 2.2 was a 4 min copier. It didn’t get fast, but was probably checking for more things or a more complete copy.
Version 3.3 had a Fast Copy: 3 pass / 2 minutes Electronics Arts copy: 4 pass / 3 minutes
Masterkey Nibbler: 5 passes / 5 minutes


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