DiskMaker Plus

Disk Maker Plus (1986)

By the makers of Diskmaker. This appeared to be more of a parameter copier.
Meaning that it would ‘patch’ the copy to make it work. What I find very interesting is that it contained special password codes that would unlock hundreds of different disk. You select the title and the program would automatically place the “correct password code” on the copy. But that does sound alot like a parameter copier to me. Does a anyone have a copy of this and can comment below?

UPDATE: I have a working copy of this now. You have just 6 options from the menu. Sector Editor, Data copier, Disk Comparator, Nibbler, Error Scan, Parameter. I see NOTHING about this so called “Special password code”, that will unlock 100’s of disk. There are actually 223 parameters on side two of the disk.

2 thoughts on “DiskMaker Plus

  1. I have the full set of the original DiskMaker products (well 2.2 and up) and will be happy to share them with you.

    The disks replicated by the parameter menu on Plus loaded the copier and copied the disk. I couldn’t tell you if the “passcode” bit is true or not – but now I’ll have to go test and see if it’s patching out the protection or writing the protection back to the disk by title. Email me with a mailing address please.

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