GCR Nibbler V3-1750

GCR Nibbler V3-1750 is a copier from the Super-Card Plus disk that also makes use of your REU (added memory). It will copy a disk in just one swap! You have to LOVE that!!! Although you do need a Super-Card+ installed in your hard-drive!


Swappers Copy

This is Swappers Copy V2.

This program used the REU so you can copy a disk on just one pass. No switching disk 4-5 times to make your copy. BUT I have no idea how good this copier was. What can it copy? Does it copy any protection? Who original released this program?

swapper1 swapper2

Commodore REUs

What is this? REU stands for RAM Expansion Unit, get it? REU!! SO what does this have to do with this copy site? Well I was looking for a way to copy a disk without making 3-5 swaps from Source to Destination disk, without using two drives. Well the simple answer was to add more memory (add an REU).

The three main ones for, Commodore was the:

1700 with 128 kB
1750 with 512 kB
1764 with 256 kB

These need a more powerful power supply to work. There is also something called the “Super 1750 Clone” which is the size of a normal cartridge, plugs into the cartridge slot and needs to extra power. This is one I own and use. It’s that RED cartridge below.

There’s one more to talk about called: GeoRAM this was by Berkeley Software and was to tie in with their GEOS operating system for the Commodore 64.