Commodore REUs

What is this? REU stands for RAM Expansion Unit, get it? REU!! SO what does this have to do with this copy site? Well I was looking for a way to copy a disk without making 3-5 swaps from Source to Destination disk, without using two drives. Well the simple answer was to add more memory (add an REU).

The three main ones for, Commodore was the:

1700 with 128 kB
1750 with 512 kB
1764 with 256 kB

These need a more powerful power supply to work. There is also something called the “Super 1750 Clone” which is the size of a normal cartridge, plugs into the cartridge slot and needs to extra power. This is one I own and use. It’s that RED cartridge below.

There’s one more to talk about called: GeoRAM this was by Berkeley Software and was to tie in with their GEOS operating system for the Commodore 64.


2 thoughts on “Commodore REUs

  1. Is there any way to get a opy or by the disk tha came with the 1750 reu.
    I stil like to get n my c128 but my 1750 reu is limted without software to use with it.
    Iam a Commadore nut.

    Thank you

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