Kennedy Approach Code Sheet


Kennedy Approach is such a fun game. Which I had spent hours and hours playing.


Before you start the game you needed to enter a password.




It’s a shirt list, but here it is:

Kennedy Approach – Commodore 64
This game uses a code sheet:

1 – DME
2 – VOR
3 – ATC
4 – FAR
5 – IAP
6 – GCA
7 – FSS
8 – HAT
9 – VFR
10 – STAR
11 – SID
12 – JFR
13 – TDZ
14 – PAR
15 – NOB
16 – ELT


Back to the Future 2

Back to the Future 2 has one of those horrible RED code sheets.
But with the help of Photoshop we can now read it.
Put the image in Photoshop – adjust the levels a little, Then convert to Black and White,
then adjust the RED filters.

After that I adjust the white balance and sharpen a little.
Then you get the White image below.

F-14 Tomcat code sheet

F-14 Tomcat used manual copy protection.

As the game loads it stops at the screen below and you must identify parts of the F-14.

But, If you incorrectly identify the highlighted item, you’ll be quickly enlisted and just as quickly discharged for conduct unbecoming an officer.

Now see the print out below to know how to identify the correct parts to start the game.