Ocean Ranger Codes

OCEAN RANGER – Log in Codes

A naval simulation game. The Ocean Ranger is the first of a new class of frigate sized missile ships. You are able to track and destroy targets on the sea surface, beneath the sea, and in the air. Missions occur in one of four locations (from easiest to most difficult), the Bering Sea, Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Persian Gulf. While in port you can choose to equip your ship with a variety of weapons, then take off to rid an area of hostile enemies. In battle the view is from the deck of the boat, allowing enemies to be targeted and destroyed.

During log in you are asked for your CLEARANCE CODE, below are the answers:

Double Dribble Password Book

Double Dribble disk did not contain any on disk copy protection.
BUT instead uses a manual/code book look-up. (SEE Below for the photos)
When you boot the game you immediate get this black screen below.
You need the RED Code sheet to enter the 4 digit Password to start the game.
In this case for C07 you would enter 8467, then the game would start.

Here is the Original RED code sheet – RED because it was hard to Photocopy back in the day. I just purchase an original one so I could re-scan this page:







Then I convert to B/W in Photoshop. Download and print this out:



Jack Nicklaus Course Sheet

 Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

This game used this Red Course Sheet as it’s copy protection. As I have mentioned before, Photo Copiers of the time could not make good copies of these.


But now, it’s easy to fix with Photoshop.

I wanted a better scan of this than what was already online, so I recently purchased this game only for this Course Sheet. I have scanned it and converted it to Black & White and put in the PDF file below – ENJOY

CLICK HERE: Jack Nicklaus Course Sheet PDF

Fire King Codewheel



Finally the super rare, for the first time ever, the FIRE KING codewheel is online for all to download. Is might be the very last Commodore 64 code wheel I needed to complete the online collection for you to download.

Special Thanks to Craig A. Ernster.





Year: 1989
Publisher: SSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.
Developer: Micro Forté Pty. Ltd.

The city of Stormhaven Bay was once enjoying prosperity, protected by the balance of four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each element had a mage that supervised and controlled it, preserving harmony in the land. But the Fire Mage, the leader of the group, was slain by a horrifying monster. This broke the balance, and monsters began to roam the land and attack townspeople. A brave hero is needed to defeat the fiends and restore peace!

Fire King is a follow-up to Demon Stalkers. Like its predecessor, it is essentially a Gauntlet variant in its core. The player explores the top-down world, descending into dungeons and fighting hordes of enemies in fast-paced, action-oriented combat. Compared to its spiritual predecessors, Fire King incorporates more RPG elements.The player can choose to control one of the six available characters, and specialize in one of the three disciplines: Magic, Armor, and Strength. Spells and other helpful items can be found in the dungeons and used against the enemies.


NOW the CODEWHEEL – Download the PDF here: Fire-King-Codewheel