Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler

Ultrabyte has quite a few version. From the ads 2.1, V4, V5 and V6. Early version where out in 1985 including routines to copy Electronic Arts titles.
V4 included a powerful new GCR Nibbler and 105 parameters. V5 now copied Rapid Lock protection and had 205 parameters including VMAX protections. Finally V6 now has 305 parameters.


ultrabyte-30ultrabyte-6-menu ultrabyte-60-menu

Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler Ad-2Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler ver2.1 (1986)Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler v4Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler v5 (1988)Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler v6 (1988)Ultra Copy 2 (1985)

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