Revolution-V is a new V-Max copier made by Lord Crass.
All I can say is that if this was released in 80’s it would’ve of been HUGE!

rev-2This image is from a Beta version that Lord Crass has sent to me.

Also you do not have to lower your drive speed for this to work. Normally to write a V-Max copy you slow the drive down to 297.5 rpm from the normal 300 rpm.

I asked Lord Crass if he could make a version to use added RAM. Before I knew it, he sent me a new version

rev-3Here is a screen shot from the REU version. I tested it with my Super Clone 1750 cartridge (512k RAM). This version was great, it’s FAST and no disk swapping!!




rev-1Here is the Analyses screen to determine the V-max version. This screen shot is of a Three Stooges after the analysis.





REV-introALSO – Thanks for the shout out in the intro (Steverd).

Here is the best part, you can download this from here:


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