Maverick is one of the best software copiers for the C64. Maverick V2.0 was originally called ‘Renegade’ but was forced to change their name for copyright reasons. The last legitimate version is v5.04. Here are some features of this awesome software:

  • Fast Data Copier: for non protected disk
  • GCR Nibble: Power copier for protected disk
  • RAMBOard Nybbler: Copier that used the Ramboboard installed in your 1541
  • Sector Editors, Maverick GCR Editors
  • GEOS copier and parameters
  • Almost 500 parameters to remove protection check from software
  • Disk compare program
  • Could also make use of the REU (Ram Expansion Unit)
  • a 50 page manual
  • so much more

You can download Maverick from the CSDB.DK Website Here. MAVERICK DOWNLOAD

PARAMETER LIST Over 800 Titles: Maverick 5 Parameter List

Maverick v3.0 The_Maverick_V3.0
Maverick v4.0 The_Maverick_V4.0
Maverick v5.0 The_Maverick_V5_Manual

Maverick v2 (1989) Maverick v3 (1989) Maverick v5 (1990) maverick

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