Keymaster was a program by Jim Drew. Included copier and the Keymaster which unlocked protected disk by removing the protection schemes on them. It included 50 Keys and updated included 25-50 more. There was three KEY’s (parameter) Disk released. They are known as the #1 the Blue Dot, #2 the Green Dot and #3 the Red dot.

Keymaster v2.2 MANUAL here: disk-maker-v2.2-manual

KeyMaster (1986) keymaster







2 thoughts on “Keymaster

  1. Were there more Maverick parameters other than the parm disks that were sold with it. If so where can I find these I bought Maverick in 1996 and after that is when they quit selling. Im needing to backup Musicalc which isn’t even listed in the Parameter list, and this and other Midi software are only .D64 images that may not even been copied all the way if the speed is altered, etc.

    • Musicalc disk where mostly protection free. You can try almost any copier for those.
      If that doesn’t work use Copy II or the Mirror and copy out to track 40.

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