ISEPIC (1985)

ISEPIC was a Freeze cartridge released by Starpoint Software. Pronounced as Ice-Pick. I don’t think this was the first freeze cartridge, but it was one of the first. Again a ‘Freeze’ cartridge was great for by-passing start up copy protection. Basically you just wait until the program loads to the title or start screen and press the freeze button. The cartridge will save a ‘snaphot’ of the computers memory to disk that you can reload at a future time.
I also owned this one in the 80’s and still have it and the original box it came in.

Isepic (1985) isepic-1

2 thoughts on “ISEPIC (1985)

    • It because the snapshot is taken after the disk load and bypass all of the copy protection.
      So then when you load the Isepic/Snapshot version, it’s not checking for the copy protection.
      Elite used quite a few different forms of copy protection also.

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