Did anyone have a copy of this program? Of course from the ads image it’s a play on Ghostbusters, the movie that came out in 1984. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s a classic. But the ad does state that it’s “For Professional Paranormal Disk Back-up Copying”. Well that sounds very interesting and wish I could find a copy of it now.

VERSION #2 came out in 1986.
Now with parameters to Zap though over 100 new protection scheme.

TWO DRIVE Adapter Pak is dated 1987, This was release towards the final days of Disk Buster’s. Images are below!























My screen shows:diskbusters1-srn diskbusters2-srn







The below images are Courtesy of Jim Drew.

BDIMG_0001DBIMG_0002 DB-list1 DB-list2




DB_2Drive_Adap DB_2Drive_Adap.02


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