Copy II 64

Copy II 64 was a program that I liked to use alot BITD (back in the back).

Maybe because it was not copy protected and was able to copy itself. I should say that I would NEVER EVER buy a copy program then or now that couldn’t even copy it’s self. Like many others I thought, if it can NOT make a copy of it’s self it must not be that good!

Versions 3.1 to v4.0 written by Jim Drew
Version 4 was rewritten and improved by Jim Drew, the man behind the Supercard.

Here are the MANUALS:



copyii-3-1 copyii-3-0
















VERSIONS of COPY II that I have:

Copy II Version 1.5 Copy_II_64_v1.5

Copy II Version 2.0 : Copy II 64 V2

Copy II Version 2.5 Copy II 2-5

Copy II Version 3.1 Copy_II_64_v3.1

Copy II Version 3.2 Copy II 64 v32

Copy II Version 3.4 COPY2-v3-4

Copy II Version 4.0 Copy II v40


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