Clone Newsletter #1

The Clone Newsletters where made by Micro-W, which was the maker of the Clone Machine copy software. As far as I could find these where not archived online anyplace, so I worked with the seller to get scans so we can preserve them for the Commodore community. I do not think that these are numbered, so I will post them in the order I got them. This one was named as #1 with a postal date of June 29, 1984 and is eight pages.
There are articles and LOTS of advertisements for the Clone Machine.

Page one: Sales Beyond Belief
Page Two: Impressions of the 1541 Disk DrivePage Three: Unguard released / Bugs
Page Four: Solutions – these are copy plans on new software
Page Five/Six: Technical Notebook РHow to  Copy Protect your own disk
Page Seven: Letters to the Editor
Page Eight: AD for Jot-A-Word

PDF of Issue #1 Clone Newsletter-01b

Clone Newsletter-01b-1

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