C-128 Canon

The C-128 Canon in the Kracker Jax series.
The package the C-128 owners have been waiting for. The C-128 CANON gives you more power than you ever hoped for.

NIBBLER – works with teh 1541/1571
FAST COPIER – Copy Data Disk
1581 FAST COPIER – Foe use with the new high speed 3.5 drive
MFM COPIER – Copies unprotected IBM and CP/M Disk
T/S Editor – Work with the 1541/1571/1581
ERROR SCANNER – Complete on screen display
DENSITY SCANNER – Checks for Altered density by track
DIRECTORY EDITOR – Alter and Organize disk directories
PARAMETERS – over 100 popular parameters

Ads from 1987 – 1988

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