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Garry Kitchen and GameMaker

I found this signed GameMaker manual in a recent purchase.

It sure looked like it said Garry to me.
So I found his contact info, which wasn’t very hard with a Goggle Search. To my surprise I heard back in less than one day.

He told me that it is definitely something he signed. Although not 30 years ago, as I had imagined.

Quote: I often appear at retro gaming shows and participate in panel discussions, etc. The talks are often followed by a “meet & greet/autograph session.” People sometimes bring items from their collection for me to sign. I’ve seen my share of GameMaker manuals.

I also asked him about GameMaker and if he had any secrets about it:

He said: “GameMaker, it took a year+ to make. It’s definitely the product in my portfolio that I’m most proud of. I wish that I had continued to work on it/update it. It’s a shame that it stopped after the original version, it could have gone a lot further.

 By the way, Pitfall took 2 weeks to write in GameMaker. And the commercially-released C-64 arcade port Crossbow was written entirely in GameMaker!”

He finished by saying: If I ever get back to working on GameMaker I’ll let you know.

WOW, just how cool is that.. Thank you Garry!


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