Kracker Jax Trilogy

Kracker Jax Trilogy contained the three Kracker Jax Revealed books in one.
See the Hack U, ad on here for more info. This is a must have book if you are interested in Commodore copy protection schemes. Also includes information about ‘Rapidlok’ copy protection. Also V-Max! protection. This book can also be found today in PDF format on Commodore search site.

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Hack U

Hack U – a school for higher learning. Included the CSM Newsleter Compendium, CBM Protection Manual and Kracker Jax Revealed Books. These can all still be found today in PDF version. Use a C64 search engine to find them.

Hack U (1989)

Lock Pick Book 2

Lock Pick Book 2

Written by Jim Drew and sold by Utilities Unlimited in 1987

This is a 117 page book dealing with copy protection and edits to make to your disk for working copies. This issue uses the Kracker Pak Disk.

There is also a list of HESMON commands at the end of the book.

Lock Pick - the Books