Pirates! code sheet


Pirates! by Microprose was one of my favorite C64 game. If you tried to make a backup of this disk you probably ran into some trouble. Like most Microprose games it contained copy protection.

Pirates! disk was protected by TWO type of protection. First was on disk protection called Rapidlok, more specific Rapidlok V6. There are parameters to crack the protection – see my Parameter Master list.

OK so now you have a working copy of this great game, then the second type of copy protection pops up. It’s the manual look up – argh I hate those. You need to know when the “Treasure Fleet” and the “Silver Train” will arrive. You had to find this info in the semi-thick manual.

IF you enter the wrong info the game will get harder and you can not win any fencing battles. Plus your health was diminished to fair, your crew stripped down to 8 or 10, your ship would have no guns and everyone was at war with you! You can’t have that so here is a “Cheat sheet” from the pages of the magazine:

Treasure_Silver Fleet SheetHere is the PDF: Pirates Silver Treasure Fleet Sheet
Thanks & Credits to: Craig A. Ernster

This is in text format on the wiki at HERE:
The Treasure Fleet & The Silver Train

But that’s not as cool at the original scans like in the PDF file!



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