John Madden Code Wheel

madden1 John Madden Football from Electronic Arts in 1989.






The game used a codewheel for it copy protection. Electronics Art used many different copy protection forms in the 1980s for it’s Commodore 64 games from Error checking to FAT Tracks on 34/35, to Pirateslayer and then to Codewheels and manual look ups.


After the boot screen and you select

Start Game you get this screen that

ask for your Madden Season Ticket


There was already a print out of the codewheel, BUT it’s pretty confusing look at this:  John Madden Football

SO I found a code wheel on Ebay and bought it to scan for my blog, here it is in PDF and PNG. Hope this helps someone. MaddenScan.PDF and


8 thoughts on “John Madden Code Wheel

  1. It’s ALREADY online here. On the right side menu, click Code Wheels & Sheets you will find all of my code wheels that I am sharing here. Thank you

  2. My brother had a madden game for our computer and it had a code wheel. I can’t find any pictures of that wheel online. I remember it having pictures of stadiums on it, like a birds-eye-view schematic type drawing. It was one of the fields used to line up the wheel. Anyone have a picture of that wheel anywhere?

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