INSTA Cartridge

Was the INSTA Cartridge a form of copy protection? Maybe a Dongle?
On boot the Cartridge simply ask you to:
Here is what I got from using MDUMP: INSTA.ZIP

3 thoughts on “INSTA Cartridge

  1. Yes it is a 8KB Dongle for Insta-Calc or Insta-Speed and so on.
    Your download is 16KB, so the dongle doesn’t work.

    Cut off the top 8kb $A000-BFFF using a PC monitor, and convert to an Easyflash ROM with cartconv found in WinVice Realese.

    cartconv -t normal -i insta.bin -o insta.crt

    • Great information – Yes MDUMP grabbed 16k instead of the 8k, I think it grabbed the BASIC also?
      Thank you for adding this.

      • The range from $A000-$BFFF is occupied by the runtime module “RTL-64”, like the program Insta-Calc for example. The basic-ROM of the C64 is included in your dump. That’s why the 16KB dongle doesn’t work.

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