Easy Flash 3

Easy Flash 3

easyflash3This is a 100% MUST HAVE cartridge for any Commodore 64 user.

First of all you can have EIGHT custom Kernals. I used this for my JiffyDOS, until I bought the actual chips and install them into my C64, that alone is pretty amazing.

THEN you can add Action Replay and Super Snapshot to this. There are three buttons on the end of this cartridge for MENU, Special and RESET. Special is used for the Snapshots.


P1220163This is the BOOT MENU.
The third section is for cartridge images (CRT) that you can add to the Easy Flash 3. You have seven slots, BUT that does not mean that you can only have even programs. You can combine dozens and dozens of programs into ONE CRT file.
I use NDEFGUI to do this.


5 thoughts on “Easy Flash 3

  1. Greetings.
    New comer to C64, but not new to computers. I’d like to get Easy Flash 3 cart. Please tell me how/where – thanks!

  2. I think I’m the last guy to purchase one of these.. OMG. This takes using the C64 to the next level. period. Completely worth the 65.00 I paid for it. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to fill more than half the first bank. 🙂 Having the ability to add JiffyDOS to whatever machine I’m working with is the cat’s meow…

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